LPGTrainingUSA garners rave reviews…

We’ve opened a new world of Endermologie® technicians throughout North America and provide the most innovative hands-on training you can find. In addition to offering Gretchen’s signature courses and over twenty years of expertise, we also share how to present products and services in a way that helps improve your clientele’s results and your business model.

Here’s what LPGTrainingUSA course attendees have said about Gretchen’s Lipo-Expert™ Course as well as all of her Advanced Courses:

“Je t’adore Gretchen, merci pour tout. Le cours était parfait, j’ai beaucoup appris. Heureusement que parle Français!”

                   Jean Pierre, Miami  May  30th-31st 2013

“You have to see the results Gretchen is getting in Lymphatic Drainage with Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques. I will be taking that class next. Gretchen not only provides training for cellulite, she is an expert in Complete Decongestive Therapy for Lymphedema patients. Go to her other website www.AOLTUSA.com or click here to see the Lymphedema Results she obtained in 12 days!  http://www.aoltusa.com/#!case-study-results/cee5  It’s unbelievable!” This is my third class, I learn so much each time I come.”

                   Cathy, Los Angeles  May  13th-14th 2013

” OMG! I lost 12 pounds in 3 Days! Don’t do what I did, bring a friend or family member so you can continue to get treatments when you return home.” Like Gretchen says, we are the image of our centers.”

                  Maria, Las Vegas  February 12th-13th 2013

“Gretchen’s experience as a French Master Aesthetician is second to none. I loved the one day French Facial Expert Class. Be sure and bring a friend, it’s only half price for a second person to be trained. Definitely go to their training center in Utah. It will give you so many business ideas! Gretchen is full of ideas and information, and my face looked amazing after the training. Loved it.

                  Paula, Colorado January  16th 2013

“Simply Amazing! Two days full of hands-on learning. I look forward to taking more classes in the future”!

                 Lisa, Chicago  January 14th-15th 2013

“Gretchen is extremely knowledgable and very informative. My experience with her was amazing. I learned a lot and saw great results with my peers!”

Katherine, Texas September 25th-26th 2012

“The class is very informative. Gretchen is very knowledgable and an awesome teacher. It is always a pleasure to have her at our spa, and we look forward to having her back.”

Dana, Taxas September 25th-26th 2012

” Gretchen was amazing!!! Her style of training is phenomenal! I couldn’t have asked for a better training instructor. I feel I can perform this procedure with great expertise from the knowledge I have taken in.”

Jennie, Texas September 25th-26th 2012

” I loved this course! With the way Gretchen teaches, I learned so much so quickly!”

Deborah, Texas September 25th-26th 2012

“Gretchen was great!! Awesome trainer, learned a lot.”

Pauletta, Texas September 25th -26th 2012

“Gretchen was absolutely wonderful. I can’t think of a better way to have learned the material. I feel exceptionally prepared to go forth and practice with confidence.”

Teagan, Texas September 25th- 26th 2012 

‘The Lipo-Expert Course™ was very informative and I felt confident after finishing the program. Gretchen is an awesome educator and adapted the class in terms that we could all apply in our esthetic business.”

Kelly, Washington September 10th-12th 2012  

“The Lipo-Expert Certification Training Program™ is very thorough and i enjoyed all the “Hand On” teaching. The training also makes you excited to learn more…As an additional benefit, I lost 66cm with just 2 treatments!”

Robin, Washington September 10th-12th 2012

“I felt like the Lipo-Expert Program™ was well put together and thorough…The 2 day Hands-On training not only provided me the proper techniques, it also gave me the opportunity to achieve personal results. I now can share my 67 centimeter loss with my clients, friends and family.”

Kelly, Washington, September 10th-12th 2012 

“I took the 2 day Lipo-Expert™ Course & the 1 day French Facial-Applications™ Course in Sandy, Utah…Everything was so worth it! I don’t know where to begin…Understanding the lymphatic system is so important! It was a great idea to take pictures and measurements before the class. I lost 98.5 cm and 17 pounds of water weight in 3 days!”

Jessica California September 10th-12th 2012

“I’m so happy to have found LPGTrainingUSA trainer, Gretchen Givone. I learned a lot of things about lipomassage™ from this class. You are a great teacher. Thanks so much.”
…Tungalag G, Denver, CO ~ September, 2010

“I enrolled in this class because I want to incorporate Endermologie® in my practice as a licensed massage therapist.  I found Gretchen to be an excellent instructor and trainer. The lymph/lipo class contained a perfect blend of theory and hands on training. Since Gretchen is truly an expert in the field of lymphatic drain and lipomassage™, at the end of day 3 I had a clear and comprehensive understanding of lymph/lipo and I had learned the techniques necessary to begin working on my clients. Right before our eyes, Gretchen was able to teach us techniques to create dramatic results (example, classmates and I experienced cellulite reduction, weight and inch loss, appeared more sculpted and toned, benefited from increased circulation and lymph drainage, and experienced physiological and emotional detox. One word for Gretchen: “WOW!”   Since results vary dependent on skill and ability of the Endermologie® technician, I for one am glad I learned from the best. Otherwise my reputation and business would ultimately suffer. Gretchen, thank you sooooo much… please keep me posted on your other classes. I want to learn more about how Endermologie® is FDA cleared to address medical conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and lymphedema. Sign me up, thanks!”
…Florence Yang, Las Vegas, NV ~ January, 2011

“I was hesitant to take the class because I was already certified. I’m so glad Gretchen took the time to answer my phone calls and made me understand the benefit I will get from the level one. I just finished the class and I’m so excited to go back to re-introduce lipomassage to my clientele. The training was friendly and full of knowledge.”
…Sylvie, Geneva, IL~ September, 2010

“Gretchen’s course was very informative and I gained so much knowledge about Endermologie during my 3 day course. She’s so patient and explains all of the material so clearly that you learn quickly. Gretchen’s hands on techniques and protocols are great! I immediately saw and felt a change in my body after 2 treatments with Gretchen.”
…Kelley, Los Angeles, CA ~ September 23, 2010

“I thoroughly enjoyed this class. The techniques were amazing with immediate results.”
…Lisa Robbins, Wellness Institute and Medical Spa, Bedford, TX ~ September 2010

“This training course was just what our staff needed to be able to be more knowledgeable in providing Endermologie to our clients. If you are not certified in the new techniques you will need to have Gretchen out and have her train your staff!”
…J. Hampton, Wellness Institute and Medical Spa, Bedford, TX ~ September 2010

“If you have the opportunity to train with Gretchen, you will not be disappointed. The 2 days flew by and I left extremely excited to adopt all of the fabulous new techniques to my practice.”
… Jane, Oasis for Health ~January 2009

“Wonderful, wonderful presentation. Very concentrated on the lymphedema and lymphs…Wonderful”
…Loreta S, Bella Lora Spa, Beverly Hills, CA ~ December 2008

“It was a great experience for me; even though I have worked with LPG machines for 6 years, I learned a great deal more. Gretchen was fabulous, and again, very helpful. I truly enjoyed it.”
…Carla Del Rio, Palm Harbor Plastic Surgery Center ~ December 2008

“Love it, love it, love it. Fantastic. I am looking forward to taking more courses.”
…Laura R., Lakewood Family Medicine, Lakewood, WA ~ November 2008

“Gretchen’s presentation and hands-on demonstrations & instruction was the the Best. She truly has command of this product line. Very professional.”
…Frank T., DDS, Elmwood Pk, IL ~ November 2008

“The 2008 Protocol was amazing! I learned so much and feel I can use the information I received to give the best treatment possible as well as an understanding about Endermologie that will help me relay it to my clients! You get so much hands on time during your training that there is no reason why you can’t start working on patients as soon as you leave and feel 100% comfortable w/the process & technique!”
…R. Allen, Dallas, TX ~ November 2008

“The course was fantastic, both Gretchen’s and Sonia’s knowledge far exceeded my expectations.  I would highly recommend anyone who hasn’t been trained lately to get out and see the center ASAP!”
…Derek F., Family Chiropractic of Boca Rotan, FL.
Classes: Therapeutics Pre & Post Surgery, and 2-Day Basics Featuring 2008 Protocol.

“Gretchen is so knowledgeable, so exciting and just back from France with so much new information from the main office.  I can’t wait to return to work and implement all that Gretchen has taught me.”.
…Marisela B., Marisela Skin Care & Body Magic of Huntington Beach, CA.
Class: Therapeutics -Sports, 2008.

“Taking the Endermologie® Lipomassage training course with Gretchen Givone was a pleasure.  Her enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject matter gave me a fresh appreciation for lipomassage.”
…Erica H., Family Chiropractic of Boca Raton, FL.
Class: Therapeutics Pre & Post Lipo Suction, 2008

“I’ve been to other classes and none compare to Gretchen’s class…she is very well informed and very good at sharing all of her knowledge.  She has an awesome gift of teaching and sharing her pull of knowledge.  Thank you Gretchen!”
…Sue B., Suzie Q’s End Results of Nine Mile Falls, WA.
Class:  Pre & Post Lipo Suction, 2008

“Gretchen’s knowledge of the benefits of the LPG equipment make the learning process easy and truly an experience that encompasses the technique and overall health benefits this equipment has to offer to everyone.”
G. R. ~ October 2008

“I have been an Esthetician for 2 years and just recently switched to a different location that has Endermologie Treatments… after this course I feel I have all the tools & confidence I need to completely satisfy my clients…”
L.M. ~ September 2008

“I really enjoyed learning the new skills and techniques to enhance the treatments I give to my clients.  The course offered new maneuvers and techniques which are based on recent research.  I look forward to getting better results for my clients.”
…Karen M., RN, Body Sculpture of Hamilton, Bermuda.  LipoMassage™, 2008 and Sport/Lymphedema, 2008

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