Certification Policies & Procedures

LPG Training USA’s Policies & Procedures for Certification

1. All trainees are required to attend the full 6 hours of training per day of certification in order to receive their certification.

2. Cell phone are prohibited during all training hours.

3. In case of a lost or stolen certification, please contact LPG Training USA. You will need to provide the name of the attendee, the date and the location of the training in order to obtain a copy.

4. The Certification is the property of the person or medical center who paid for the training.

5. If you were trained through your employer at his or her center and would like a copy of your certification, you will need to provide a written letter of approval from your employer authorizing LPG Training USA to provide you with a copy.

6. If your employer will not authorize the copy, then you will need to take the class again by attending one of our classes at our center in Sandy, Utah. LPG Training USA will grant you a special re-train fee instead of the full tuition.

7. A minimum of 2 attendees are required in order for a class to be created.

8. One-on-one training classes with Gretchen Givone are scheduled upon availability.  Additional fees may apply, please contact Gretchen Givone for dates, and specific details.

Laws, Regulations and Licensing

1. Certification does NOT replace licensing.

2. LPG Training USA, LLC. abides by and upholds to the best of its ability all local and state laws regarding the proper licensing and certification of technicians. Please verify your local and state laws regarding the proper licensing and/or certification of technicians who wish to provide treatments using a Cellu M6™ in your state. LPG Training USA, LLC.  certification program does NOT replace licensing.

3. To the best of our knowledge only Nevada, Florida and parts of California require that you be a licensed healthcare professional in order to provide treatments. Please contact the Board of Professional Licensing in your state for more information and abide by all laws and regulations that pertain to this profession.